Alan Cullen


Of Irish descent, some generations past, Australian born, and proud of both.

Have always loved to write, and so, several years ago, decided to officially document some of my writings and publish a book of poetry "MY WORD" as my own personal legacy to my existence, but more importantly, as a keepsake for my children to finally read a collection of my thoughts in a bound condensed version, rather than being lost to the delete button on my computer.

Others who may read this book or additional writings I post on this website are welcome to comment......but I am not in the least bit interested in criticism as it is purely an ordinary persons amateur expression of my lifes experiences.

I have also managed to progress into writing songs, as an extension of my poetry. With the assistance of my good friend Mick Buckley who wrote the melodies for these songs, we have engaged the services of a studio band in Nashville to professionally record them.

It's all a bit of fun and an enjoyable past time, which I felt I wanted to share on this website.

And now.....I'm back with a mass of new material, after a very lengthy absence. From September 2014.....stay tuned for some ongoing updates.